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Lessons I learned from Covid
I Had Covid2 weeks ago my wife was kind enough to bring me a gift. It was totally unexpected yet not totally appreciated. You see that gift was Covid!!!

We do not know where she received this gift imparted to her yet she received so I was also a recipient.

Two and a half years of Covid Mandates and jabs and I never got the Covid but one day 2 and half years later I am on my back for a week. It’s ok so was my wife. She did her mandatory 5 day quarantine with me and when tested negative went back to work.

Being down with Covid gives you time to reflect on a lot of things. I am 60 years old and semi retired – what do I want to be when I grow up?

Here are a few of the things I pondered!

1) What can I do differently that I haven’t done or accomplished in my life? I did sales and marketing for many years starting with Newspaper then on to radio, I wrote a few radio ads, voiced over radio ads, have sold cars and done Affiliate Marketing.

2) In the 30 plus years I have left how can I help other people in sales? I have taken the courses and my question is how many courses do you take before you impliment what you have learned. How do you teach people to take action?

What can I do to help them shorten the learning curve? Who can I lead them to that will help them learn what they need to learn.

The world is changing and no you do not need to go to College or University in order to make it. The Internet has given us all a level playing field.

Want to learn how to code? The courses are there for FREE online! Want to learn to sell – again everything is available to anyone who wants to do it. But you have to do it.

I watched as my wife took the time down with Covid to learn Adobe Lightroom so she could enhance her photography skills. I was so proud of her because she like I have no issue sitting down and learning a new skill in a few days.

3) Why are people so negative about the state of the world (i include myself in there sometimes) People are still going to buy and sell stuff. The goal, as with anything is to help them find a solution to a problem they are having.

Pick your niche and just go for it! Dont have money for a website or hosting – contact me and I can help you with that. Starting on a shoestring – I know all about that but the main thing is just get started. Learn new skills – use those skills to give you the money that you need to move forward.

Watch motivational speakers – Gary Vee (language disclaimer) Russell Brunson, Brian Tracey etc

Listen to music that motivates you and helps you create.

Now I am better and ready to move on. Took some time to re-energize after covid – Remember you are not “under the circumstances.” You are over them!!!!

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