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My Online Journal Starting Tomorrow

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My Online JournalI have decided that I would keep an online, daily journal here telling everyone what I do on a day by day basis in Affiliate Marketing and other events during the day. It may help others to realize the amount of work that does go into this in the beginning.

I will start that I get up at 5-530 am every morning, grab my coffee and sit to watch my various subscriptions first thing while the place is quiet,

My wife gets up, gets herself ready for work and is usually out the door by 6:45 am. Then the fun starts.

I will also share any emails I get in regarding Marketing and if there is any good stuff make you the offers.

My work day generally starts between 6:30 and 7 am.

I do have various phone calls sometimes I have to deal with but I keep my phone number quite private so I don’t have to deal with scammers.

So starting tomorrow I will keep a running tab of my day. I will post every second or third day but it will let you see the tools I am using, the offers I am promoting and maybe spark some ideas.

Until then………………..

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