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Day Late and a Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned

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Sorry for the delay with this post. Yesterday got away from me. A lot of shiny object syndrome going on.

Anyway now you have your niche. It is time to think about building your blog or website and finding products in your niche.

Here is what i do to find products. (all pictures will click to outside links)

If you are looking for, and I will use this as an example “baby products” then my first stop would be Amazon and join their Affiliate Program. I do not use this one myself anymore because the commission rates are just way too low but when starting out this is a great starting point.  Go to or .com and scroll to the bottom. There you will find the link for Amazon Associates. Sign up and become an Affiliate.

Amazon Associates

Next place is Offer Vault . Here you will find a plethora of products. Just type in the niche product you are looking for and they will show you the Product and the Network you have to sign up for in order to get to the product.

Offer Vault

Lastly check out Affiliate Watch – They list the best Affiliate Products and the reasons why you should use them. Both pros and cons . Other than that sign up for the various Affiliate Networks above and happy hunting.


Think I am just going to start Monday with video training. My typing fingers are getting worn out 🙂

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