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Those of us that work online sooner or later will need to purchase hosting! It is all great to build your website on Blogger or Wix or any other Free site however if that Company decides they don’t like what you write you will be SNAFU’ed. (system normal all frigged up) If they lose your site oh well, you do not have the support you will need to get it back.

I was with a hosting Company that lost one of my sites completely. I woke up one morning and all of my site (65 posts) were gone. Their support couldn’t help me get it back. To be fair I didnt back up as much as I should have so I will take part of the blame on that one.

Hostpapa Best Web Hosting

That is why I transferred ALL of my domains over to Hostpapa. The transfer was seamless and I am paying much less than my previous hosting. At the last Company my hosting cost me $16.99 per month and now I got with a few Coupon Codes 3 Years for just over $100.

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Support: Hostpapa’s support is probably tired of hearing from me. However having said that they have been professional in every way and have helped me each step of the way. I have gone onto their website and used their chat with supportĀ  function. They have helped me several times as I got started with them. They take their time, hear your concerns and go to work OR take it to their technical team and solve your issue within hours if need be.

I have nothing but praise for Hostpapa and their team. If you are looking for a Hosting Company please click on the links in this post or any of the images for more information.

Hostpapa USA

Hostpapa Canada

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