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Affiliate Marketing In The Beginning

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Start Affiliate MarketingGood Morning Marketers. I think that I tried to give everyone too much information all at once so I am going to start from the beginning. Baby steps at a time. Here are the steps you need to take in order to get started with Affiliate Marketing.

1) Pick your niche (what type of product you want to sell) Make sure it is in an Industry you enjoy because you will be at this for awhile. Think carefully about this. People will tell you to go into “evergreen” products which are in the health, wealth or relationship niche. There are so many niches out there and I would disagree with them on the long term unless that is what you want to go into.

2) Once you get your niche sign up for an Affiliate Network as I pointed out in my resources (Can be found in the files) or second to that go to Google type in your niche plus affiliate program.
for example Nike affiliate program or beauty products affiliate programs etc

3) I recommend a blog of some sort. You can go FREE with Blogger (my recommended one) or Wix (easy drag and drop) or Weebly to promote your products.

WHY? Most places you want to promote will not allow you to use a raw affiliate link on their sites. They want you to create content with the link in it and share said content.

NOTE: If you can afford hosting then I would get it so you own your content. If any of the free ones go down then you lose everything you put there. I recommend Hostpapa as I have used them for quite awhile now and if I ever need support they have been right there with live chat.

When you do get your Affiliate Link use a URL Shortener to make the link prettier. I recommend, Tinyurl and there are plenty more. Save all of these links in a notepad on your computer or wordpad as you will need them again and again.

4) I recommend starting with 2 products at the most so you dont get confused. As time goes and you start making money then you can add more.

So that is the beginning – over the next few months I will be sharing everything I know and everything I have learned in the last 6 years. I will attempt to do a daily post and share the viseos to give you the skills you need to be successful.

There is no get rich quick. One step at a time.

I will be adding a live chat button to my website as well as will try to be on Facebook more to answer your questions

Have an awesome day!!!!

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