Goals – What Are Your Goals? | Day One

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What are your goalsThis weekend I spent a lot of time thinking about goals and how without having clear concise goals we were like ships without a rudder. Many of us have had it happen where we start our online journey and then see a shiny object (another system or program) and think that the grass is greener over there. Then we find another one and another one never stopping to realize if we just would have stuck with one program long enough and been consistent with our work we might actually have had some success! I have been guilty of this myself.

What are your goals? Mine were to make $3000 per month with all of my activities to make a better life for my wife and myself? Of course more would be great too but that was my goal!

I saw all of these guru’s online flashing big money and driving fancy cars and thought that is awesome for them. Right now my needs are to take care of business at home and I didn’t want to get seduced by all of the hype.  Can you make big money online? Absolutely! It takes time , patience, consistency and for most people learning skills they do not have!

WHAT IF? What if you could learn to build basic websites and sell them to local business? Create lead capture pages for local business? There is a market for that!

What if you learned the basics of WordPress in order to do this? I learned in my 50’s so it isn’t that difficult (hey, I am not a rocket scientist)

What if i told you that you could start today and earn a half decent income from home in 90 days, possibly enough to leave your day job. Now i cannot tell you how much you can make because that is up to you and how much time you can invest but there are many ways to make money online and I will be sharing them here on a daily basis for the next 90 Days. I will also introduce you to people that can help you fulfill your goals and dreams. The same people that I have met, talked to and know. These are not guru’s. They are people willing to help you and I achieve our goals.

So again I ask, “What are your goals.”

What are your immediate needs. 

Most people who decide to work online are not marketers. That is a skill that has to be learned and there is a lot of FREE info out there which I will share on my resources page.

I am willing to work with you to help you achieve your first milestones and we will move forward from there.

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