Last Week Was a Wash!

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Conversion ProsOK I will admit I did not have much success last week in affiliate marketing. I spent a lot of time watching video and learning some new things which should make my journey easier. I also joined The Conversion Pros as you can see by my last post. It will just make it easier having my landing pages, autoresponder and other tools all in one place. I will admit, I looked at their competition hard however could not justify spending twice as much for the same tools.

Also looking for some FREE Traffic solutions. There are FREE Classifieds on the net as well as forums etc. where you can post about your offerings (if you are careful and not come across as a marketer.)

Where do you find FREE traffic?

I just realized that I have $100 in FREE Bing ad credits so I will be using those to market on Bing this week. All in all although the week did not bring me in any money I was able to get some footwork done to start this new week strong.

How is your new week looking?

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