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Have you ever wanted to get rid of your high cable bill and just stream television on your terms? Now you can. Tickbox is available to you at 40% the retail price. NOW ONLY a one time fee of $89.95 (USD) and gives you access to all of the television shows and movies that you love.

The TickBox TV™ comes fully loaded

With an Android 5.1.1 operating system, google play app store, and Kodi media player.

What separatesTickbox TV™ from other Smart TV boxes like Amazon Fire ™ or Apple TV ™ is that with the Tickbox TV™ you have access to all the apps on Google Play ™ including Kodi!

It has a fast Quad-Core processor, Penta-Core graphics processor, 8GB EMMC FLASH, SDRAM 1GB DDR3, Wi-Fi, and Hardware 3D Graphics Acceleration.That makes Tickbox TV™ the most powerful and versatile android box on the market.

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