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Put on Weight, Prince George, Dirty GirlsTook a trip last Friday to Prince George British Columbia up through the canyon and hit several terrain changes. It was beautiful country! We saw Moose and Deer and the way home my first time seeing 8 Big Horn Sheep. It was a time of reflection and getting to know myself again.

My big takeaway is that I have developed allergies and I was medicated all weekend. On Saturday I actually had a nap which I never do but by Sunday was feeling much better. I also learned I do not like taking meds which got me thinking, “does this have anything to do with my weight gain?”

You see, over the last 3 and a half years I have put on 50 lbs which is a testament to eating out a lot and my wife IS a great cook and baker. But now we are making some changes and going plant based. We tried this before with “Forks Over Knives” but found their food very bland and was not good for taste at all.

My wife found this site online and I said “go for it” and we have been trying it. I am down 11 lbs in 2 and a half weeks but sabotaged it this weekend with poutine and gained some back. My brother in law is too good a cook and enjoys putting on a feast. We knew what we were in for before going up there but now back to reality.

The site she had found is Clean Food Dirty Girl  and for the small sum of $20 per month she gives you full weekly menu plans and we find each week of groceries is less than $50 if you have a lot of the spices etc already. Everything we have tried from there is awesome and I do not like plant based food ordinarily however If you have an extra $20 sitting around every month I would highly recommend their plan and no I am not an affiliate.  I am a “Dirty” and you might as well become one too. You can find their Facebook Page here .

I am mid 50’s and have to get a handle on weight for health reasons and after watching “What the Health” (available on Netflix) I am more inclined not to eat meat because of what is put into the animals that are bred for consumption. Now if it is deer or moose that is shot by someone then of course i will eat it.  I will never be an activist vegetarian but I find the more plant based I go the less meat I desire.

Anyway that is my post for today and I may share a lot more personal posts as well as video posts daily. i am here to help if you need computer advice, healthy living advice or just need to talk with someone. My wife and I would both talk to you.

Have an awesome successful day!


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