Affiliate Marketing and Me

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W. James Wright, Affiliate MarketingIn the past few years I have made some money with Affiliate Marketing and achieved a small measure of success. Now I have the desire to ramp things up and make Affiliate Marketing work for myself and my wife as we are getting older and want to create a steady income from home.

My desire with this Blog is to give you an honest update on my failures and my successes. I will show you what works for me and what doesn’t. I will also be starting a Youtube Channel with tips and tricks just to help you along in your journey.

You see I know how difficult it is for people out there. Companies are laying off and people need to make a living somehow. I see the horror stories of people losing their homes and then you have people online who will take advantage of that. I have bought many courses and worked them through. Most were scams although I do have a few I would recommend if you are interested.

Stay tuned to my resource page because as I find FREE tools you can use i will will be adding them there.

I look forward to helping where I can and sharing with you anything I learn in this process.

My goal over the next few months is $3000 per month online. Lofty goal in this online world but I am up for the challenge. Join me on this ride!

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