About Me

Jim WrightAfter being laid off from a large Grocery chain 2 years ago Jim Wright decided to learn all he could about working from home and making money online. Hours and hours of video watching, reading and learning Jim has a lot of hints and tricks to help you make money in the online world. Jim is just restarting a blog that he had for years and looks forward to helping others make money in the online world. Not everyone he shares will be for everyone but if you can find one or two ways to make a decent living through some of the things Jim shares then that is awesome.

Jim lives in Beautiful Abbotsford BC with his beautiful bride of 3 and a half years. They love God and hiking in the mountains when time allows. Jim also loves reading and searching the Internet. He also has a love for World and Canadian politics.

Jim can be contacted through the links for Facebook, Twitter or his contact page on this site. Watch for new postings daily with tips and tricks for you to use to begin to sustain yourself while working from home.

Most of us do not want or need to get rich, although that would be kind of awesome. We just want to be able to give our families the life they deserve.

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