To All Canadians – sign this Petition

If you want to stop Trudeau from permanently shutting down Parliament on Fridays, permanently limiting the time allocated for review of his crappy bills, and allowing himself to only show up to work in the House for an hour a week, please sign this petition.

Here Michelle Rempel talks about what the Liberals are trying to push through. Justin Trudeau wants to only be in the house one day a week

The Liberals need to be held accountable.

Is There Freedom of Speech in Canada?

Over the last few days I have been watching a lot of video regarding Bill M103 in Canada and how Islam wants to silence its critics.

How exactly does that work? As a Christian and a Believer (ok Messianic) I see all kinds of things said, posted and have been ridiculed online. But the Canadian School System and Government are ok with threatening my freedom of speech over Islam. Very Interesting….

Peel School Region in Toronto area has a fight on their hands and it is because of this belief that Muslim students can have prayer time.

I remember when Canadian Christian students in high school were not allowed to have an after school group on school property….I remember prayer in school (at least where i went) was done away with!

Now it is ok for Muslim prayer……we either open it for both or there should be none!

Stay tuned updates to follow. The Liberals may be the gift that keep on giving 🙂